On Johnny Alegre Eastern Skies part1

eastern skies

Listening to the album now makes me wish I had made some detailed documentation regarding the arrangements, what Johnny/I had intended to do, and if the actual results matched his/my intentions. I know that I was the arranger and not the composer, but I could say I was very compositionally involved in the songs, because Johnny was generous in that aspect. I could liken his pieces to jazz standards in a real book – there are already solid structures (maybe AABA or AABC, or what), the melody is already laid out, and most of the harmony. But the possibilities for interpretation are endless, and as with good pieces or great songs, one can come up with so many good things out of it, that the tricky part is trimming down the possibilities so that it will still sound cohesive.

Yes, I wish I had made more detailed documentation. As of now I’m also thinking to post some of the arrangement sketches (not the actual arrangements themselves, but their planning and doodling stages), if I can find them in my haystacks of sheets.

I did record in my journal how amazed I was with the orchestra (FILharmoniKa, back then known as Global Studio Orchestra) and Gerard Salonga's conducting.

Right now, though, I hope you can visit my Works page (Arrangements section), and give some of the Eastern Skies clips a listen. I don’t own the copyrights to the songs, so it’s not wise to post the full songs themselves. Even if I posted them in non-downloadable (streaming) format, lots of software are available nowadays which can capture those streaming media as mp3’s, so I thought it best to just post 1-minute sections of the songs.

I’ll be posting more on these in the weeks to come.

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