Things I Learned in a Forum

I mustered up some nerve to post some works at the Sonikmatter forum. These are from an animated series, released somewhere in Asia. Have a listen to some of the cues if you like:

(Copyright Carmel House Studios)

I got some pretty straightforward and brutally honest comments. Yes, I think I needed to hear them. Being a musician whose specialty is writing for live players rather than working with virtual instruments, I suddenly realized that I need to put more effort into the latter if I am to make convincing mock-ups for film scores or whatever.

I posted the link here because this can be very beneficial for those who are beginning to work with virtual orchestras.

Visit the forum topic here

Musically, there was nothing wrong with the pieces, but the mockups do sound very MIDI, and not at all real. There is still so much more for me to learn with regard to MIDI orchestration, and though I did get some experience during the past few years, I am still a newbie at this.

If you read the advice, I guess deep down I knew I needed to work on those things, but many other projects needed attention at the time, so I wasn't able to improve on the mockups anymore. (Stop making excuses...) Most of my gigs are for live players. Still, working with a virtual orchestra is an art which I'd like very much to improve on.

Next thing I want to know is if there is an efficient way to automate samples using Logic, with the samples all residing in external PC's and their own standalone samplers - Gigastudio and Kontakt. As of now, I haven't stumbled upon an intuitive workaround. There are ways to do it but they're not that straightforward. Hmm. Maybe I need to buy new gear?

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